About Farming Food Newsletter

The Farming Food Newsletter explores the intricate relationship between food and farming and the context within which Africans farm, and consume food, its history, present and future.

I hope to make you think differently about how we farm, what food we eat, and how that has changed over time… is currently changing…and might change in the future.

I approach my work from an ethnographic perspective, highlighting lived experiences of the people I interact with, and their ways of acquiring and making food historically and culturally.

Guiding Philosophy

"The colonial man who writes for his people ought to use the past with the intention of opening the future...You may speak about everything under the sun, but when you decide to speak of ....opening up new horizons, by bringing light to your own country, and by raising yourself and your people to their feet, then you must collaborate on the physical plane." Frantz Fanon

"To take part in the African revolution, it is not enough to write a revolutionary song; you must fashion the revolution with the people... In order to achieve real action, you must yourself be a living part of Africa and of her thought...There is no place outside that fight for the artist or intellectual who is not himself concerned with and completely at one with the people in the great battle of Africa." Sekou Toure [and yes I know he lived long enough to become the villain]

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Talks about issues at the intersection of farming, food, and climate in Kenya and Africa


Christine Gatwiri

Writer, Researcher. With Interests in: Food Systems, Food Anthropology, Water Scarcity and Dryland Agriculture